Worshipful Resignation

And the Lord called Samuel again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” Then Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. Therefore Eli said to Samuel, “Go, lie down, and if he calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.’” So Samuel went and lay down in his place. 1 Samuel 3:8-9

A man put a note on his bathroom mirror so that he could read it each morning as he shaved. It was a reminder of a simple decision he had made. The note read: “Learn to cooperate with the inevitable.”

Think about those words for a moment. You do not have power over the universe. You are surrounded by circumstances that spin around you, outside of your control, many of which are unpleasant.

While we cannot control all of our circumstances, we can determine our attitude toward them.

When Eli the priest received distressing news about his own family, he responded in this way: 

And he said, “It is the Lord. Let him do what seems good to him.” (1 Samuel 3:18).

Christian author A.W. Tozer calls this outlook worshipful resignation.

Tozer writes: “If my will is to do God’s will, then there will be no controversy with anything that comes in the course of my daily walk. Inclement weather, unpleasant neighbors, physical handicaps, adverse political conditions – all these will be accepted as God’s will for the time and surrendered to provisionally, subject to such alterations as God may see fit to make, either by His own sovereign providence or in answer to believing prayer.”

Today, remember that all of your circumstances are filtered through the love, mercy, and grace of God. Even the hardest times we face are tools in His hands to fashion us into what He desires for us to be.

Have a great day and keep moving forward!