When God Puts on the Brakes

It was red and blue with chrome handlebars and a white seat. It was the boy's brand new bicycle. He watched eagerly as his dad took it out of the box and put it together. Then the boy jumped on and tried to ride. He was wobbly at first, but in a few days he became steadier. After he had been riding for awhile, the time came to conquer new territory on that bike: the steep hill in front of his house.

The boy began coasting down the hill early one Saturday morning. He felt thrilled as the bike gathered speed. It was the fastest he had ever gone. He saw the sharp curve at the bottom of the hill approaching quickly, but applying the brakes and slowing down even a little seemed silly. Why give up the thrill?

He decided to turn the corner without slowing down at all. In a matter of seconds, the thrill turned into intense pain and disappointment. The boy was thrown a dozen feet off the road into the woods. He was badly scratched and bleeding. The front wheel of his bike had hit a tree and was twisted beyond use from its impact against a tree. 

For the rest of his bicycling career, the boy had learned the importance of putting the brakes on!

Sometimes God puts on the brakes in our lives. He slows things down. He interrupts our pace. He may even call everything we were doing or planning to do to a halt. Those times are usually difficult. The lack of progress can be frustrating. But putting on the brakes is as essential in your life as it is when you're riding a bike down a hill. 

Peter experienced this when Jesus was betrayed. He foolishly thought he was being noble by drawing a sword to defend Jesus, but Jesus knew the task that was in front of Him much better than Peter could understand at the time. Jesus told Peter to put on the brakes so that the greatest mission could be accomplished.

Trust in God’s leading to know when to fly down the hill and when to put on the brakes!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

John 18:1-11

Prayer Guide



Today as you pray …

Reflect on the times when you have been too hasty in your actions.  Know that you are forgiven and that God desires to mold you in wisdom and patience.

Ask God for a discerning spirit.

Repent from being hasty and ask for God’s leading. God’s ways are better than ours.

Thank God for his patience and kindness. Know that it is intended to bring you to repentance.