What Are You Showing Me?

"I live in constant pain," a friend said to me over lunch. He smiled as he spoke, and I could tell the smile was genuine.

As my friend described the physical suffering he endured each day, he told me, "God has given me two gifts: blessings to keep me joyful, and pain to keep me humble."

Asaph the Psalmist said something similar in Psalm 77:10-20. His pain was real. He calls it "anguish" in verse 10, a term that in the Hebrew language can mean a wound or even a disease. In the middle of his pain, Asaph remembered the Lord, and that made all the difference.

Though his pain caused him great suffering, Asaph made three decisions:

First, he considered what God had done in the past (v. 11).

Next, he meditated on the great works of God, even going so far as to speak them aloud for others to hear (v. 12).

Finally, he entered God's presence and worshipped (v. 13).

Asaph found blessing in his pain by reminding himself of God's character, by reflecting on God's power, and by renewing His faith in God's care for His people. Because he knew God, Asaph understood that God was working through the pain to show His glory.

There's a telling phrase in verse 19: "Your way was in the sea … and your footprints were not known." When we cannot see God's footprints, we can still depend on His character.

When your pain is great or your pathway is darkened, instead of asking the Lord, "Why are you putting me through this?" consider asking Him, "What are you showing me through this?"

Though you may find yourself in pain, God has not forsaken you. He has not changed in His goodness, His love, or His mercy.  The same God with the power to make the skies flash and the earth tremble also has the compassion to lead you in tenderness and love through the pain you are facing.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Psalm 77:10-20

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Take time to bless the Lord’s holy name for His faithfulness, goodness, and grace.

Pray for His strength to endure the trials, tests, and temptations you are facing today.

Praise Him that His faithfulness never fails, that He knows you intimately, and that He cares for you perfectly.