What Are You Chasing?

Years ago, I heard a story about a big Greyhound race that was about to begin at a track in Florida. The dogs crouched in their cages, ready to go, while spectators watched eagerly for those incredibly sleek and beautiful dogs to start running around the track. To keep the dogs running in the right direction, they are trained to chase a mechanical rabbit made of fur. A man in the press box electronically controls the speed of the rabbit, keeping the rabbit just out in front of the dogs.

At the right moment, the starting pistol went off. The man in the press box pushed his lever, starting the mechanical rabbit down the first stretch, while the cage doors flew open, releasing the dogs to take off after the little rabbit. As the rabbit made the first turn, something unexpected happened. An electrical short caused the rabbit to come to a complete stop, to explode, and to go up in flames! All that was left was a bit of black fluff hanging from a wire. 

With the rabbit gone, the dogs didn’t know how to act. According to news reports, several dogs stopped running and laid down on the tract with their tongues hanging out. Two dogs, still frenzied with the chase, ran into a wall, breaking several ribs. Another dog began chasing his tail, while the rest howled at people in the stands. 

Not one dog finished the race. Why? Their goal had gone up in smoke.

Far too many people chase after meaningless goals and empty purposes – mechanical rabbits of sorts – that take them nowhere. They may chase after success, or power, or money, or pleasure, or some other goal, only to watch as what they’ve valued so much goes up in smoke.

What is your purpose? According to God’s Word, your purpose and my purpose is to glorify God.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Consider the number of fruitless things in your life that you have been chasing. 

Ask the Lord to realign your heart’s desires to match His desires (Psalm 37:4). 

Believe that living for Christ is better than anything in this life (Psalm 63:3).