Vision Check

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. Psalm 119:18

If you’ve ever been to an eye doctor, you’ve experienced the familiar ritual I’m about to describe.

You sit in a chair in a darkened room, looking at an eye chart illuminated on a far wall as the doctor puts a series of lenses in front of your eyes and asks you a simple question over and over again: Which one looks better? 

Doctor: Which looks better, the first one or the second one?

Patient: The second one looks a little better.

Doctor: Second one a little better. Okay, now which one, the first or the second?

Patient: The first one, I think.

Doctor: The first one. Now, which one looks better, the first or the second?

The interview goes on until the doctor systematically and expertly determines exactly which lenses give you the best vision.

From a spiritual perspective, we all need strengthened vision.

In Finishing Strong, author Steve Farrar observes:

It takes vision to anticipate and avoid the ambushes.

It takes vision to stay in, to stay close, to stay away, and to stay alert.

It takes vision to avoid dry shipwrecks.

It takes vision to pray that God will alert you every day to the killing dangers of pride.

It takes vision to see the benefit of making yourself accountable and teachable.

It takes vision to be willing to go through the miserable, gut-wrenching dry heaves of genuine repentance that will put you back on course.

It takes vision to hang in there and finish your master’s degree in Character Acquisition, especially when you don’t have a clue when you will graduate.

The strength of our vision depends on the lenses we place in front of us. If we look at our world through the lenses of secular thinking, satanic deception, selfish desire, popular opinion, or peer pressure, we’ll wind up with a distorted view of what is really in front of us.

Our steps will falter and we may fall into a moral or spiritual pit, all because of defective vision.

When we look at things through the lens of God’s Word, He will give us 20/20 spiritual vision.

Have a great day and keep moving forward!