A couple of prowlers broke into a department store in a large city. They successfully entered the store, stayed long enough to do what they came to do, and escaped unnoticed. What is unusual about the story is what these guys did. They took nothing, absolutely nothing. No merchandise was stolen. No items were removed. 

But what they did do was ridiculous. Instead of stealing anything, they changed the cost of everything. These clever pranksters took the tag off a $395.00 camera and stuck it on a $5.00 box of stationery. The $5.95 sticker on a paperback book was removed and placed on an outboard motor. 

They repriced everything in the store! Crazy? You bet. But the craziest part of this story took place the next morning. The store opened up as usual. Employees went to work and customers began to shop. The place functioned as normal for four hours before anyone noticed what had happened! Some people received great bargains, others got fleeced. 

For four solid hours no one noticed that all the values had been swapped. Hard to believe isn’t it? However, we see the same thing happening every day. People living with mixed up values.

Today, consider the question: What do you value most in life?

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Matthew 6:25-27

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Thank Jesus for His wonderful love that motivates you to serve Him.

Praise Him for dying on the cross, in your place, for you sin.

Ask Him to deliver you from the sin of living for yourself.

Claim your position in Christ as a new creation, saying goodbye to the things of your old life.

Worship the Lord, giving Him praise for imputing the righteousness of Christ to you.