True Identity

A duckling hatched from its egg in a nest underneath the front porch of a farmhouse.  And for whatever reason, that duckling's mother was no longer around. So when that duckling came out of its shell, the first thing it saw was the Collie dog that took its nap every afternoon underneath that porch.

Ducks have a tendency to bond with the first thing they see when they're hatched out of the egg. And so when that duckling came out of its egg and saw the Collie dog there, it just assumed that that dog was its mother, and that it, too, must be a dog.

The duckling did everything it could to act like that Collie dog. It would follow it around all day, and when the duckling got scared, it would run to the Collie for protection, and in the hot part of the day, it would take naps with the dog underneath the house.

As the duck got bigger, and as it grew up, it began to act more and more like a duck, but every now and then, that duck would revert back to Collie-like behavior. It still took its naps underneath the house in the hot part of the day, and when a car would drive up into the driveway of the farmhouse, the duck would explode and come out from underneath that farmhouse, quacking viciously and pecking at the tires of the car. After all, that's what the other dog did, and so that duck thought it was supposed to do that as well.

The duck had one major problem: its behavior did not match up with its identity.

I know some Christians who are like that, and you do as well. There have been times in my Christian life that my behavior did not match my identity.

Too often people who have been saved, who call themselves "believers in Jesus Christ," are living lives that do not reflect the Word of God at all.

God has called us to live a life that reflects His grace and that obeys His Word.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

James 1:22-25