At one time, Jimmy Durante was one of the most sought-after entertainers in the world. 

He was asked to be part of a show for World War II veterans. He told them his schedule was busy and he could afford only a few minutes. But if they wouldn't mind his doing a short monologue and then leaving for his next appointment he would come. 

The show's director happily agreed. Just a few minutes of Durante on the stage were worth it. 

When Jimmy Durante got on that stage, something interesting happened. He went through his short monologue — but then he stayed. The applause grew louder and louder, and he kept staying. 

Pretty soon, he had been on the stage for 30 minutes. Finally, he took a final bow and left the stage.

Backstage, someone stopped him, and said, "I thought you had to go after a few minutes. What happened?"

Jimmy Durante answered, "I did have to go, but I can show you the reason I stayed. You can see for yourself if you'll look down on the front row.”

The man looked and saw what had impressed Jimmy Durante so much.

On the front row were two men, each of whom had lost an arm in the war. One had lost his right arm and the other had lost his left. Together, they were able to clap, and that's what they were doing, loudly and cheerfully.

These men were able to make up for what each other lacked. In the church, we face the same thing. We all lack something that another person or family can supply. God takes all of us and forms us together into a beautiful community. Christ supplied us with what we didn’t have, namely, His righteousness. When we serve each other, we discover more about our Savior and also grow as a loving community.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Prayer Guide

Pray that you would be kingdom minded and driven by grace to obey Jesus.

Pray for the global church. There are saints enduring persecution right now. You can be the part of the body that can accomplish what they are lacking right now through fervent prayer.

Ask God to impress on your heart the need to be with your congregation. Community is essential to the Christian life!