The Source of Your Strength

I was in a meeting a while back in Nashville, Tennessee. The meeting ran longer than I had anticipated, and I barely made it to the airport on time for my flight back home.

I checked in at the ticket desk, went through security, and then made my way to my gate. I was lugging along my laptop computer and a briefcase loaded down with books. I was huffing and puffing, struggling to make it to the gate on time.

Then, I saw it — my lifesaver, my refuge and my strength…I saw the moving sidewalk! I got on and made my flight on time.

I love those moving sidewalks they have at the airport. We ought to have them everywhere. We ought to have them in the malls, all over Tampa Bay and here at Bell Shoals!

Wouldn't you just love to get out of your car in the parking lot on Sunday and have a moving sidewalk take you all the way to your Bible Fellowship class?

After Bible Fellowship you step back on a moving sidewalk and it takes you to your seat in the worship center. Then during the invitation time, all you have to do is step on the moving sidewalk, and it takes you down to the front. 

When we walk in the strength of the Lord, He comes underneath us and carries us along.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Psalm 20