SUN Love

After 10 years of marriage, Cindy and Chip’s marriage was in shambles.  They decided to give up on their marriage and they separated.  For five years they were separated from one another.  It was a long and very difficult separation. The divorce was soon to be final and everything would be over. Then something happened.

Even though they were dating other people and had given up completely on the marriage, they still stayed in contact. Cindy found out that Chip had kidney disease. Chip was getting sicker and sicker and Cindy knew that her kidney was a match for his kidney.  She said, “I could not go through life with two good kidneys knowing Chip didn’t have even one.”  And so she said to Chip, “I am going to donate one of my kidneys for you, no strings attached.  I’m not trying to get a better deal in the divorce settlement; I just want to do this.”  And so she did.

Cindy and Chip went into the hospital and they had the surgery.  The surgeon took a kidney out of Cindy’s body and put it in Chip’s body.  As they were recovering in the hospital, they fell in love with one another again.

Chip said, “I could not go through life with her kidney in my body and date somebody else, or marry somebody else.” He said, “I realized she loved me and I loved her.”  Chip and Cindy put their marriage back together.

That is sacrificial, unconditional, nurturing love.

You can summarize it with the letters S-U-N.

“S” – Sacrificial love

“U” – Unconditional love

“N” – Nurturing love

In the marriage relationship, sacrificial, unconditional, nurturing love is done day by day as we give ourselves one to another. As the wife follows her husband and the husband loves his wife the same way that Jesus Christ loves him, God will bring healing peace to the marriage relationship.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Ephesians 5:22-32