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  • The Coming Messiah

    The Coming Messiah

    Sermon Series

    God has revealed in scripture His over-arching plan for the future so that you can have confidence to live for Him today. Relying on His steadfast promise that Chris… $25.00 Select Options
  • The Shape of Things to Come

    The Shape of Things to Come

    Sermon Series

    Natural disasters. Terrorist attacks. Food shortages. Political upheaval. Disintegrating morals. Surely we must be headed for earth's final days. Is there any room for hope? God's … $50.00 Select Options
  • Together for Jesus

    Together for Jesus

    Sermon Series

    $15.00 Select Options
  • Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

    Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

    Sermon Series

    We all face times of difficulty, doubt or confusion.  When those times come how will you respond? In this 14-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks the book of Philippi… $70.00 Select Options
  • Upside Down

    Upside Down

    There’s no doubt that in today’s society, being a follower of Jesus Christ will radically turn your life Upside Down. In this 4-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks some of Chr… $20.00 Select Options
  • U-Turns, Detours & Forks in the Road

    U-Turns, Detours & Forks in the Road

    In this series Dr. Rummage takes a close look at the life of Jacob and how he dealt with life's U-Turns, Detours & Forks in the Road.  (Transcripts are also avai… $15.00 Select Options
  • What Do I Want for Christmas?

    What Do I Want for Christmas?

    Sermon Series

    This stirring 5-part series peels back the commercialism and materialism of Christmas to reveal 5 incredible gifts God gave us on that first Christmas. With the coming of Jesus Chr… $25.00 Select Options
  • Word to the Wise

    Word to the Wise

    Sermon Series

    Five CD set. Message titles include: A Word to the Wise About Wisdom, A Word to the Wise About Work, A Word to the Wise About Money, A Word to the Wise About Marriage, A Word to th… $25.00 Select Options
  • Mark



    Join Dr. Rummage on a life-changing journey through the gospel of Mark as he examines the ministry of Jesus Christ, from his revelation by John the Baptist all the way through the … $85.00 Select Options
  • A Christmas Carol - Making the Most of Christmas

    A Christmas Carol - Making the Most of Christmas

    We often sing Christmas carols without really thinking about their meaning.  In this 4-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage helps us understand there is much more to Christma… $20.00 Select Options
  • James


    Sermon Series

    The book of James contains only 108 verses in 5 brief chapters, but there is no clearer picture of what the Christian life should look like. Packed to the brim with encouragement, … $30.00 Select Options
  • Son of God - Loving Messages from the Cross

    Son of God - Loving Messages from the Cross


    The world celebrates Easter with chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs.  But as believers in Jesus Christ, we have eternal blessings to celebrate!  Everlasting life was pur… $40.00 Select Options
  • Sermon on the Mount

    Sermon on the Mount

    The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon ever taught by the greatest teacher that ever lived.  These words of Jesus, found in 3 chapters of the gospel of Matthew, t… $30.00 Select Options
  • Family Foundations (Sermon Series)

    Family Foundations (Sermon Series)

    From the time of creation, "family" and "work" have been God's plan.  in this 4-part series from Ephesians 5, Dr. Rummage helps us understand God's clear instruction to every … $20.00 Select Options
  • Battle Ready (CD Series)

    Battle Ready (CD Series)

    DVD or CD

    When God saved you, He did not place you on a playground.  He placed you on a battleground.  Don’t be afraid!  God has given you all you need to stand under the ons… $20.00 Select Options
  • Uncommon Heroes for Uncertain Times

    Uncommon Heroes for Uncertain Times

    Heroes are never produced in times of ease.  Heroes are always forged in times of tragedy and hardship.   In our current climate of spiritual darkness, we … $25.00 Select Options
  • 1st Thessalonians

    1st Thessalonians

    CD Set

    This New Testament book of 1 Thessalonians contains only 5 brief chapters, but is packed with God’s truth covering a wide range of topics on Christian living, from understanding th… $80.00 Select Options
  • Come Home For Christimas

    Come Home For Christimas

    The old Christmas song says “if you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can’t beat home, sweet home.”  God invites every person to come home for Christmas… $15.00 Select Options
  • Surrendering Your Benjamins

    Surrendering Your Benjamins

    What is God calling you to surrender to Him that you are finding it almost impossible to let go of?  Although surrender is difficult, God never asks for surrender to harm you,… $8.00
  • He's All I Need (Single Message)

    He's All I Need (Single Message)

    In the most wearying, most fearful, and final moments of our lives, it really is true that the Good Shepherd is all we need.  Dr. Stephen Rummage takes a very personal lo… $8.00 Select Options
  • The Treasure Principle

    The Treasure Principle

    CD Set

    The Bible teaches concerning earthly riches that "you can't take it with you, but you can send it on ahead."  What does it look like to build heavenly treasure?  Based on… $30.00 Select Options
  • Overcome


    CD Set

    What threatens to keep you down?  Failure?  Guilt?  Sorrow?  Death?  Jesus Christ overcame sin and death for you, and He offers to give you the strength to… $25.00 Select Options
  • Up or Down CD Series

    Up or Down CD Series

    CD Set

    Deuteronomy 30:19 says, "I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse.  Therefore, choose life."  In this powerful series, Dr. Stephen Rummage examines the st… $45.00 Select Options
  • Upper Room

    Upper Room

    CD Set

    With His crucifixion only hours away, Jesus focused not on Himself, but on His disciples.  What would they need to know and remember?  How could they possibly go on despi… $35.00 Select Options
  • Are We There Yet?  Big Questions Along the Road

    Are We There Yet? Big Questions Along the Road

    Sermon Series

    If God is good, why do people suffer? Why should I believe the Bible? What’s so special about Jesus? How can I know I’m right with God? Do all religions lead to heaven?  Where… $25.00 Select Options