Spiritual Integrity

Jill Briscoe tells the story of sharing her testimony at a large Youth for Christ rally, shortly after her conversion: 

“The offering time came, and plastic buckets were passed. Everybody begin putting money in the buckets. I put my hand in my pocket and realized I didn’t have any cash. When the bucket arrived, carried by a boy about 15, I told a lie.

I put my empty hand in the bucket with no money in it. What I didn’t know was that there was no money in the bucket. So the boy looked in the bucket, and looked at me, and I told another lie. I said, ‘Oh,’  as if I had dropped the money on the floor.

The young man got down to look for it. I joined him! Here we were groveling around for money I knew didn’t exist. In the end, I hissed at him, ‘Go on, go on!’ He looked startled, but got up and moved on. I staggered back to my chair.

I had no idea of what I said in my testimony, because God had begun to deal with me. Now then, Jill, after this is over you will find that young man and you will tell him what you did, I sensed God telling me.

It took me the whole meeting to become willing to do that. But behind a curtain in the Youth for Christ rally downtown in Liverpool, I found that 15-year-old boy and, stammering, told him what I had done.

He gave me quite a stern look and asked, ‘Can I pray for you?’  Thus I as humbled indeed and yet blessed indeed, as he put his hands on me and prayed that I would learn not to lie, whether in body language or words, and that I would learn to have some spiritual integrity.”

Beware of the temptation when it’s so simple to lie or to cheat or to mislead your way out of a tight situation. You never know who is watching. And you always know God is watching.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Genesis 44

Prayer Guide 

Today as you pray …

Examine your heart before the Lord and ask, “Lord, can you show me the areas in my life where I lack spiritual integrity?”

Ask for forgiveness and repent of those sins.

Trust that the Lord will forgive you of your sins because of what Christ has done on your behalf.