Seeking the King

Every parent has done it.

You want to talk to your child. Maybe to correct. Maybe to teach something. Maybe to express love. But you want the child’s full attention.

So, you get down on one knee, you pull your son or daughter close to you, and you say, “Now, look me right in the eye.”

Then, and only then, you speak.

What are you doing? In biblical terminology, you are teaching your child to “seek your face.”

As he continued his discussion of coming to the Lord, the King of glory, David wrote these words:

Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob. (Psalm 24:6)

Notice the language here very carefully, because each phrase is full of meaning for us.

“God of Jacob.”  We remember that Jacob was a man who spent years and years of his life running away from God’s purpose and plan for him. He lived by deceit and cunning, and he was very successful at conning his family and others around him.

But the time came when Jacob had to come to terms with God. In an all-night wrestling match with the Angel of the Lord, Jacob learned that God had a new identity for him. His new name, Israel, indicated that Jacob was someone who prevailed with God. Jacob’s life changed forever when he saw God’s face (Genesis 32:24-32).

“The generation of those who seek Him.” This phrase means that those who seek God’s face are the spiritual descendants of Jacob. We stand in His lineage when our heart’s desire is to know and be blessed by the Lord God.

“Who seek the face of God.”  Seeking God’s face means to have an audience with the King of glory. It means one-on-one “face time,” when He speaks to you and you speak to Him.

Seeking God’s face involves …

Being quiet and still enough so that you and He can communicate.

Letting His Word speak to you personally and powerfully.

Acknowledging that He is God and has the right to rule your life.

Making His will and His plans your top priority.

As you study God’s Word and pray today, make sure you go beyond the simple actions of reading and speaking. Set your heart on actually seeking Him. Give Him your full attention, for He is your King.

Have a great day and keep moving forward!