"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil." Ephesians 5:15-16

The Bible says that if we’re living by God’s wisdom, we will make the best use of our time. And so, I would ask you today, are you making the best use of your time? Are you making the most of the minutes, hours, days and seasons?

You may be familiar with The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards was instrumental in the First Great Awakening in America, in the 1730s, and God used him in a mighty way.  He only lived to be 54 years old, yet he is still considered to be the most original theological thinker and philosopher in all of American history. When he was 19 years old he wrote out 70 resolutions by which he lived his life.  I want to share three of them with you.

Resolution number five: “Resolved, never to lose one moment of time, but to improve it in the best profitable way I possibly can.”  Resolution number six: “Resolved, to live with all my might, while I do live.”  Resolution number seventeen: “Resolved, that I will live so as I shall wish I had done when I come to die.”  Jonathan Edwards resolved, in every moment, in every season, at every opportunity, that he was going to live his life for God’s glory.

That’s wisdom.  That’s the kind of life God blesses.  That’s the kind of life God uses.  And it doesn’t have to be a super-spiritual person’s life; it can just be your life.  It doesn’t have to be somebody who is written down in the history books life.  It can be your life. Just make the decision today: “I’m going to live every moment, every day and every season of my life seeking God’s wisdom, and seeking God’s glory.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!