In 1880, a Christian couple, George and Sarah Clarke, purchased the lease for the Pacific Beer Garden.

Promptly dropping the word Beer, the couple added the word Mission, and launched a ministry to homeless alcoholics and downtrodden men and women. Thus was born the Pacific Garden Mission of Chicago, the second oldest rescue mission in the United States.

As expenses grew and the ministry expanded, the Clarke’s funds to run the mission ran low. The day came when they could not pay the rent. Colonel Clarke was told he had only 24 hours to make the payment. Otherwise, he would lose his lease, and the Pacific Garden Mission would close.

Throughout the night, Colonel and Mrs. Clarke prayed, asking God to guide and to provide in His own way and time. They reminded the Lord of the souls being saved each night, of the men and women whose lives were being salvaged. They remained before the throne of grace in simple faith and in earnest pleading until the breaking of dawn.

When they emerged from their Morgan Park house that morning, they gasped. What had happened to their front yard? It was covered with something white, something that instantly reminded them of the manna of the Old Testament. Looking closer, they discovered their lawn was filled with mushrooms of the very best quality, which was quite mysterious because it wasn’t the season for mushrooms.

Gathering the crop, the Clarkes carted the mushrooms down the street and sold them to the chefs at the Palmer House, a famous hotel just off of Michigan Avenue. The receipts were enough to pay the rent, with enough left over to meet other ministry expenses.

Be reminded today of the faithfulness of God. Go where He leads, follow His voice, trust His provision, and experience His faithfulness!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Exodus 16:1-36

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Trust in the God who provides.

Know that the Lord understands your circumstances and intimately knows you.

Believe that God will answer your prayers.

Consider those things in your life that you have yet to surrender to the hands of God.