A philosopher has said that the one thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history. Instead, we keep repeating our mistakes.

Considering the story of Israel summarized in Psalm 78, it does seem that our sin takes us through the same cycles:

God provides, but we fail to trust.

God judges, and we turn back to Him.

God forgives, but we rebel once again.

We can probably see this pattern in our own lives, just as we see it in the national life of Israel. This Psalm ends with good news, though.

Despite Israel's rebellion, God chose for them a godly king, David, to be their shepherd. We know that through David's lineage the ultimate Shepherd and King has come to lead and redeem God's people.

Praise the Lord that God is not bound by the chains of human history! Jesus is able to redeem the failures of our past and transform our future.

Today, don't put God to the test through continued disobedience and faithlessness. Make a decision to obey and trust Him with the details of your life. He longs to shepherd and guide you!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Psalm 78

Prayer Guide

Praise God for His righteousness and His forgiveness. In His righteousness and holiness, God cannot ignore our sin. But in His grace, He chooses to forgive - even at the cost of sending Jesus to pay for our forgiveness with His blood.

Today, thank God that no sin is beyond the scope of His grace.

Thank Him for choosing to save you, even when none of us deserved it (rather, we deserved death).

Pray for those who will hear the gospel message today. Pray they will respond with repentance and with faith.

Ask for God to make you more aware of your sin so that you might be more in love with Jesus.