Hiding Place

Bill Walton is a children's pastor at a church in Colorado Springs. In 2002, a major drought caused many forest fires to develop and spread near his Colorado home.

A friend noticed a fire burning on a mountain ridge above Bill's home. Bill called 911 and they said, "It's under control." 

Bill was still restless and felt the Holy Spirit telling him to evacuate the home. He phoned friends and family and they emptied everything out of his home. All the time, the fire and sheriff departments were saying, "No danger." By nightfall that Saturday fire was on Bill's side of the ridge.

The next morning, Bill called one of the other pastors at the church and said he wouldn't be there because of the fire. He asked the children at Sunday school to pray for protection. The fire burned quickly, up to 50 mph. 

The fire came all the way to Bill's house with temperatures up to 2000 degrees. It burned within 4 feet of his house. The paint wasn't harmed. Even the cobwebs on the house were untouched. 

God answered prayers! Does God always answer like that? No. But God always preserves.

Just as Bill Walton’s house was preserved, so the Psalmist David was preserved from great danger. When God delivers or preserves, He takes moments to teach and instruct us. In the Psalm, He commands David to not be without understanding, but rather to trust in the Lord. When we trust in God, His steadfast love surrounds us so that even when danger comes, we know that God is near. The call is to be quick to listen to God, and to never question His trustworthiness.

The final command in the text calls us to do three things: 1) be glad in the Lord; 2) rejoice; and 3) to shout for joy. Today, trust the Lord in all that He commands, and be glad in Him; In Him is found fullness of joy!

Have a great day and remember, keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Psalm 32:6-11

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Ask God to give you a joyful heart.

Pray that He will soften your heart to His instruction.

Speak out your joy; tell Him that He is your joy!

Thank God for the times that He has kept you from danger (sometimes, the Holy Spirit keeps danger from us that we don’t even know about!).

Ask God to reveal sin in your heart to you; now ask for grace to repent of this sin.