Hall Monitor

I was hall monitor when I was in seventh grade. I guess I had applied for the job. I can't quite remember. However, I do remember being elated and proud of myself when I learned that I was selected.

Never before had so little authority gone so completely to someone's head. 

I learned my job assignment. My post was on the corner of the north second floor hallway and the east second floor hallway. People going from east to west were to pass in front of me. People going from west to east were to pass behind me.

If, for some reason, this traffic pattern was violated, chaos would result!

They could have used a pylon, a traffic cone, or a chair for people to pass in front and behind, but they chose me. 

My job was to stand. That was it. Just to stand. 

Jesus wants you to stand.

In Hebrews 10:19-25, the author is exhorting the readers to stand on the unwavering ground of “the confession of our hope.” This confession of hope is the confession of the gospel. Christians all over the world are called to stand firm on this, because the hope that we have in the gospel is founded on the One who is faithful and true until the end.

Know this, Christian. Jesus will accomplish His purposes. God will finish His mission. He is not quiet. He is not sluggish. He does not forsake His people. The way that we get to be a part of that ongoing story of mission and purpose is by standing on the rock solid foundation of the glorious gospel of grace. But we don’t stand alone; rather, we stand with one another by “not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.” When we come together, we are to exhort one another and do so more and more as we see the day of the Lord coming ever so nearer to us.

God calls us to the gospel of His faithful Son.

Let’s stand on that.

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Hebrews 10

Prayer Guide

Pray for the church to continue standing on the promises of the kingdom of God.

Pray for your leaders to exemplify what this faithfulness to the gospel looks like.

Thank God for the blessing of being a part of His family and for the hope that you have in the gospel.

Ask God to give you a firm resolve to be willing to endure storms so that you may stand. Remember, He gives us the ability to achieve our calling.