God's Cure for the Blues

Discouragement may be the number one occupational hazard in serving the Lord. Discouragement can creep up on us, especially after we have won great spiritual victories.

Rock climbers often will tell you that while climbing to the top is a grueling, exhausting experience, the anticipation connected with reaching the top gives you incredible determination and heightens your motivation.

Once you've arrived at the top of the rock, words cannot describe the elation. But then comes the greatest challenge: descending the slope.

Coming down is a challenge because the victory has already been won. You tend to be deflated emotionally, vulnerable to risks, and even careless in unguarded moments.

Elijah had a literal mountaintop experience on Mount Carmel. 

Fire came down from heaven.

Rain came down to water the earth.

Baal had been discredited.

The Lord God's honor had been upheld.

Who would have known that Elijah was about to slip into a time of deep and severe discouragement?

In times like these we desperately need encouragement from the Lord. Thanks to Him, we have two vessels of encouragement that are available to us: the Spirit of the Lord, and the body of Christ. Avail yourself to both in the coming days. Ask the Spirit of God to strengthen you with the Word, and immerse yourself in the fellowship of believers.

Be encouraged today. You are not alone, no matter where you go!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

1 Kings 19:1-21

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Ask God to encourage you through His Spirit and through His body.

Ask for the grace to be an encouragement to others.

Tell God how you feel. It may seem strange, but He will understand you better than anyone else ever will.