February 12, 2015


It Is Finished!



When Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished,” and He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.

John 19:30


One day my wife came into our house from the mailbox. She was so excited she was almost skipping. I said, "Honey, what's going on?" She said, "I just got notification we have paid off our car. It is finished!"

'It is finished' literally means: “The debt has been paid.”

We all owe God a debt for our sin that we can never pay. We can never do enough good deeds to pay our debt. Being a good boy or a good girl won’t pay your debt. Being a good citizen won't pay your debt. Treating other people the way you want to be treated won't pay your debt. Saying the Lord's Prayer won't pay your debt. Being baptized won't pay your debt. There's nothing you can do on your own to pay your sin debt to God.

But - praise God! - Jesus Christ completely paid my debt and your debt on the cross of Calvary. How do we know the debt is paid? Because Jesus said, "It is finished." He has paid the price in full for us to be saved from God’s wrath for our sin. There is nothing more that needs to be done.

Have you called on Jesus and by faith accepted the price He paid for your sin? The Bible says that all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved, because “It is finished!”

Have a Great Day and Keep Moving Forward!