• Engaging Exposition

Engaging Exposition


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by Daniel L. Akin, Bill Curtis & Stephen Rummage

In the homiletics field, a text was needed that blends hermeneutics, sermon development and sermon delivery. Engaging Exposition fills that gap with what its experienced authors call a "3-D approach" to preaching.

Bill Curtis writes about the Discovery process - how to equip the student to discover the meaning of a biblical text by using sound principles of interpretation, and to move from biblical analysis to biblical interpretation.

Danny Akin addresses the Development process - how to equip the student to develop expository sermons based upon the results of the interpretive process, and to move from the idea of the text to the completed sermon.

Stephen Rummage explains the Delivery process - how to equip students to deliver expository messages using the completed sermon, and to move from an understanding of speech communication principles to persuasive delivery.