Don't Worry

Have you heard the story of the nervous clock? Like any good clock, it had been ticking away for years, 2 ticks per second every day. But one day the clock began to worry about its responsibilities. All those ticks it had to tick. 

It had to tick 120 ticks a minute, 7,200 ticks an hour, 172,000 ticks per day, 1,209,600 ticks per week! "That's 62 million ticks a year." The clock cried, and promptly had a nervous breakdown.

The sick clock went to a psychiatrist and explained his troubles. "All those ticks -- I don't see how I can stand it!"

The psychiatrist said, "Wait a minute. How many ticks must you tick at a time?" "Oh, I just tick 1 tick at a time," the clock replied. "You go home," the doctor said, "and think about ticking only 1 tick.  And until you have ticked that tick, don't even think about the next tick."

Have you ever noticed that most things that make us sigh and fret, are things that haven't happened yet?

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Matthew 6:25-34

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray …

Consider the circumstances in your life that you worry about most often: family, work, finances?

Rather than worrying, know that we serve a sovereign God who knows our situation and cares deeply for us.

Ask God to simply give you this day your daily bread, to provide, and to care for you.

Take your worries, the things that are making you most anxious, and offer it all to the Most High God in humble submission.

Consider how you might also meet the needs of your neighbors who may not know Jesus, and ask if you could pray for them.