Deceiving For A Blessing

On this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a devotion written by my Sweetheart. — Stephen Rummage


“Deceiving For A Blessing”

Genesis 27:1-41

 By Michele H. Rummage

Have you ever tricked your husband into doing something? Your life is probably like mine: blessed, but sometimes too busy with good things. There are times when the work load around the house needs to be shifted. So, maybe we tell our husbands how good they are at cooking on the grill so we don’t have to cook dinner. Or perhaps we complement their expertise at washing the dishes so they’ll do them. We all have moments when we use deception – no matter how subtle – to get what we want.

Rebekah used deception to get the outcome she wanted. Her family conflict started the moment she conceived twin boys. Rebekah could feel her twins wrestling each other in her womb, and she asked the Lord what was happening. The Lord told her in Genesis 25:23: “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger” (NIV). Sure enough, Jacob came out of her womb grabbing Esau’s heel.

Parenting two completely different boys must have been a challenge for Rebekah. She bonded with Jacob, while her husband Isaac favored Esau. Maybe this favoritism started when Rebekah learned from the Lord that Jacob would rule over Esau. In her desire to see her favorite son succeed, Rebekah did whatever it took to make sure Jacob came out on top. She took matters into her own hands, instead of letting God work His grand plan.

Rebekah worked behind the scenes, having Jacob dress up like Esau to trick Isaac into giving him Esau’s blessing. Jacob received the blessing, but at what cost? The family splintered in different directions. Esau hated Jacob. Isaac felt betrayed by his son and his wife. Rebekah lost the son she loved as Jacob fled in fear of his brother. Graciously, God redeemed the deception, blessing Jacob along the way, eventually restoring the relationship between the brothers, and ultimately bringing Jesus into the world through Jacob’s line.

While it is encouraging to know that God can redeem our mistakes for His glory and purposes, we also know that His best plan is never for us to manipulate or deceive, but to trust Him and surrender to His will.

Ask God to look into your heart and reveal if you trying to deceive God, others, or yourself. Sometimes, like Rebekah, we try to manipulate things behind the scenes instead of allowing God to accomplish His perfect plan. Ask yourself: What would my life look like if I lived with 100% honesty and authenticity? What adjustments can I make to live an authentic life?

Michele Rummage is the wife of Stephen Rummage, senior pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. The Rummages have been married over 22 years and have a teenage son named Joshua.