Clear Command

When I was 13 years old my dad said, "Son, from now on, it's your job to mow the lawn. I want you to do it every week."  He gave me a clear command; however, there were a few problems.

I didn't know how to mow the lawn. I didn't have a lawnmower. I didn't have money to buy gas for a lawnmower. I didn't know how to start the lawnmower. 

What did my dad do? 

He took me to the hardware store and bought a brand new lawnmower, just for me. He bought a new gas can, just for me. On the way home, we stopped and got gas for the lawnmower.

My dad then taught me how to start the engine and how to use the lawnmower. He provided everything I needed so that I could do what he had commanded me to do. Then, he paid me to do it! Praise the Lord! 

In the same way, when God commands us: "Rejoice," our Father will empower and enable and instruct us to rejoice. He's given us a clear command.

In Philippians, Paul was writing encouraging the readers in Philippi to rejoice greatly in the Lord. The interesting thing here (and glorious) is that Paul could even write this at all. He was imprisoned and being held up from advancing the gospel in the way that he might have hoped. It would have been easy for Paul to lack joy and give up hope.

But God made Himself clear to Paul (“the Lord is at hand…”), so Paul could honestly say that we should be anxious about nothing at all, even while imprisoned! That’s amazing! The result is that Paul was able to continue spreading the gospel successfully even while in chains. God will always provide a way for us to rejoice!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

Philippians 4:4-7

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray ...

Ask God for a heart that rejoices over His kingdom.

Think of the hope that you have in the gospel. There are promises in it that cannot be broken!

Ask God to show you His might and power as you pray through your own calling.

Rejoice in the Lord!