• Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Sermon Series

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When addictions, destructive behaviors, and uncontrolled spending gain control of your life you need to know how to break free from their grip. In this series, Breaking Free: Escaping the Enemy's Most Dangerous Traps, Dr. Stephen Rummage brings the power and truth of God’s wisdom to four of today’s most common snares and provides time-proven advice for breaking free from addictions, getting control of your money, spending, and debt, recognizing and resisting the power of the occult and witchcraft, and saying "no" to second-rate sex. Breaking Free: Escaping the Enemy's Most Dangerous Traps is a series every Christian needs in their personal library. 

Transcripts are available by calling 1.855.436.2961, or by emailing info@stephenrummage.com.  There is no charge for transcripts.