Bite That Snake!

Down in south Texas, Valentin Grimaldo, 40 years old, was bitten by a poisonous coral snake in May 1996.  He was walking with his brother along the highway near Encino when he reached into some tall grass and was bitten on the hand.

That’s when Valentin proved he was a real Texan.

He grabbed the snake that had just bitten him and bit the snake’s head off. Then, with the venom pumping through his veins, he skinned the snake and used the snakeskin as a tourniquet to keep the venom from spreading.

Hospital officials said the bite left him in excruciating pain for several days, but that his aggressive response to the snake saved his life.

His brother, Fidel, kept the snake’s head as a keepsake.

Satan’s attacks are painful and can be lethal, but if we will retaliate against him under the power and authority of Jesus Christ – God can sustain us with the very thing with which Satan intended to destroy us.

Go ahead – bite that snake’s head off!

Temptation is a real part of the Christian life. We never need to consider ourselves immune.

But we can remember that God is faithful. He is faithful to make the way to escape from the temptation.

Have a great day and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Prayer Guide 

Today as you pray …

Consider the temptations that may be troubling you and ask the Lord to give you the power to overcome those temptations

Know that Satan’s plan is to kill, steal and destroy and nothing he offers will sustain you.

Trust that the Lord will be your Help (Psalm 121), even in times of temptation.