There’s an urban legend that tells of a man who was driving his brand-new RV for the first time. 

He turned on the cruise control, which he mistook for autopilot, and went into the back of the motor home to get something to drink.  Of course, the motor home veered off of the freeway and crashed.

Although the story may not be true, the illustration reminds us of the dangers of putting parts of our lives on autopilot. 

The very definition of autopilot is a state of mind in which one acts without deliberate effort or self-awareness.  Trying to cruise through life only leads to mistakes and disappointments. 

Take an inventory of your current circumstances.  Have you been taking things for granted?  Have you ignored the warning lights?  Perhaps you’re investing more time in work and television when you could be focusing on your family and the family of God. 

Ask Him to make evident to you what in your life needs to be changed.  It may be as simple as spending a few extra minutes with your kids before bedtime or investing time in discipling someone at church. 

Turn off the autopilot and get in gear today!

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Scripture Reading

Ephesians 5:15-17

As You Pray

Ask God to show you areas in your life that you are running on “auto pilot.”

Ask Him to give you wisdom to know how to spend your time for His glory.

Ask God to show you what adjustments need to be made in your schedule.

Praise God for giving you the desire and strength to obey Him today.

Today’s devotion was adapted from Turning Points magazine.