Appearing Harmless

Robert and Angela Barry of Grove City, Ohio had spent a relaxing, week-long summer vacation in Florida with their 10-year old son. Just before they left for the airport to return home, a young girl staying at the Barrys’ hotel showed up at their room and gave their son a teddy bear as a gift.

As they went through security at Orlando International Airport, the teddy bear went through the x-ray machine like the rest of their luggage.

A Transportation Security Administration worker noticed the outline of a gun inside the bear. Opening up the bear, airport security workers found a loaded .22 caliber handgun stuffed inside.

The Miami Herald later reported that the gun had been reported stolen in l996 in California. Robert Johnson, a TSA spokesman in Washington, D.C. said the incident "underscores the need to screen everyone and everything no matter how innocent the people or their belongings may appear."

Satan may appear harmless. He may not even appear at all on the surface.

But he's there. And he's real. And he's your enemy.

Don't fear him. He's already been defeated. 

But don't ignore him either. 

Have a great day, and keep moving forward!

Suggested Bible Reading

1 Peter 5:1-11

Prayer Guide

Today as you pray…

Know that Satan’s plan is to destroy your life.

Remember that God is more powerful than Satan and can help you overcome any temptation.

Ask the Lord to make you more aware and cautious of Satan’s attacks on your life.