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  • Authentic: Genuinely Following Jesus

    Authentic: Genuinely Following Jesus

    Sermon Series

    This five-part series from the book of Matthew reveals what Jesus meant when He said, “Follow me.”  Authentic: Genuinely Following Jesus goes beyond the external beh… $25.00 Select Options
  • Blessed, Not Stressed

    Blessed, Not Stressed

    Sermon Series

    If life has thrown you a curve ball or you’re struggling to find hope in your circumstances, this five-part series from Dr. Stephen Rummage is just what you need! Taken from t… $25.00 Select Options
  • Brand New Year! Same Old You?

    Brand New Year! Same Old You?

    Sermon Series

    New Year’s Day is a day of new beginnings for many - an opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning.  But for others who've been down the resolution track multiple times… $20.00 Select Options
  • Breaking Free

    Breaking Free

    Sermon Series

    When addictions, destructive behaviors, and uncontrolled spending gain control of your life you need to know how to break free from their grip. In this series, Breaking Free: … $20.00 Select Options
  • Defining Moments

    Defining Moments

    Sermon Series

    This powerful two-part series looks at key factors that shape our marriages and finances. Filled with practical advice, Dr. Stephen Rummage brings humor and biblical insight to the… $10.00 Select Options
  • Fabric of the Family

    Fabric of the Family

    Sermon Series

    In this five-part series, Dr. Rummage shows you how to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of family life with solid biblical counsel and insights on everything from marriage an… $25.00 Select Options
  • Family Portraits

    Family Portraits

    Sermon Series

    In this 5-part series from Dr. Stephen Rummage, you’ll get the inside scoop on some of the most famous families in the Old Testament.   What you hear may shock you! … $25.00 Select Options
  • Follow


    Sermon Series

    In this 4-part series from the book of Acts, Dr. Rummage walks you through the essential steps of following Christ. From knowing who you are in Christ to developing a missiona… $20.00 Select Options
  • Generous Living

    Generous Living

    Single Sermon

    Try to describe God and you will find this to be true: you can’t! God Almighty is so wonderful, so complete and so far above us that to describe Him in human terms is an&… $5.00 Select Options
  • Give Yourself Away

    Give Yourself Away

    Sermon Series

    If you long to live the abundant life, but find yourself stuck in the “daily grind”, this 3-part series from the book of Matthew will help you clear a path to a life filled with… $15.00 Select Options
  • God Never Forgets You

    God Never Forgets You

    Sermon Series

    Have you ever felt forgotten by God, or that He has somehow failed to notice where you are or what you're going through?  No matter how you feel, God promises t… $30.00 Select Options
  • God's Top 10

    God's Top 10

    Sermon Series

    Do God's ancient rules really apply to us today? Is it possible that God meant these for a different time and people? In this 10-part CD series, God's Top 10, Dr.… $50.00 Select Options
  • Healing Your Hidden Hurts

    Healing Your Hidden Hurts

    Sermon Series

    In this 7-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage addresses seven of the most common emotional battles we face. From learning how to face our fears, to wrestling through the dark night of… $35.00 Select Options
  • Hot Topics

    Hot Topics

    Sermon Series

    We asked "What's on your mind?" and you told us. In this series, Dr. Stephen Rummage addresses six of the most controversial and essential topics of the Christian faith in a w… $30.00 Select Options
  • I Love My Church

    I Love My Church

    Sermon Series

    In this 3-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks the third chapter of Ephesians to reveal an amazing picture of our God and the church. You’ll learn how God’s power can be brough… $15.00 Select Options
  • Jesus Changes Everything

    Jesus Changes Everything

    Sermon Series

    This 6-part series from the book of Ephesians reveals God’s heart for mankind. From our lost condition to our right standing with the Lord, the Apostle Paul expresses the lengths G… $30.00 Select Options
  • Keys to the Kingdom

    Keys to the Kingdom

    Sermon Series

    In this 5-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage reveals the keys to some of life’s most important choices.  From developing spiritual discernment to understanding how to build l… $25.00 Select Options
  • Life Is for Living

    Life Is for Living

    Sermon Series

    God wants you to live an abundant and fulfilling life. Yet many of us struggle to rise above the daily grind.  In this series, Life Is for Living, Dr. Rummage … $20.00 Select Options
  • Living a No Regret Life

    Living a No Regret Life

    Sermon Series

    We all long to live a life of purpose, satisfaction and joy.  But often that dream is shattered by the choices we make. In his series, Living a No Regret Life, Steph… $20.00 Select Options
  • Living Life Together

    Living Life Together

    Sermon Series

    New life in Christ is not a solitary venture! God calls every believer in Jesus Christ toa relationship not only with Himself, but with His body, the church. Just as the manyunique… $25.00 Select Options
  • Open Before Christmas

    Open Before Christmas

    Sermon Series

    Since childhood we’ve been told to wait until Christmas to open the packages under the tree.  But some gifts just can’t wait until Christmas! In this 5-part series, Dr. Stephe… $25.00 Select Options
  • Praying with Purpose

    Praying with Purpose

    Sermon Series

    Prayer is a vital part of our spiritual lives.  It's also an area that many Christians want to improve. In this 5-part series, Praying with Purpose, Dr. Stephen Rummage w… $25.00 Select Options
  • Search & Rescue

    Search & Rescue

    Sermon Series

    In Search and Rescue, Dr. Stephen Rummage focuses on the teachings of Christ to illustrate His purpose in coming and the importance He placed on seeking and saving the lost. $20.00 Select Options
  • Share Your Faith

    Share Your Faith

    Sermon Series

    Jesus Christ is the world’s greatest fisherman after the world’s most valuable catch: the souls of people. God commands followers of Christ to become like their Master by sharing H… $20.00 Select Options
  • Telling My Story

    Telling My Story

    Telling My Story is a 6-part series designed to help you tell others about your spiritual journey. Taken from Ephesians Chapter 1, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks the foundations … $30.00 Select Options