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Series airs September 10th - October 10, 2014

We all face times of difficulty, doubt or confusion and when those times come how will you respond? In this 14-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks the book of Philippians to reveal a game plan for dealing with life’s obstacles. Whether you’re struggling with issues of loss, injustice, pain, grief, or worry ”Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities” will provide a positive, biblical model for you to follow to find joy in the journey.

14 CD Set = $70

14 DVD Set = $112



Series Aired September 9th

Have you ever tried to describe God? Try it and you will find this to be true: you can’t! God Almighty is so wonderful, so complete and so far above us that to describe Him in human terms is an impossible task! And yet God, who is indescribable, reaches down to us and gives us unimaginable gifts out of His unending love and generosity. In this message, Pastor Stephen Rummage encourages us that we can obediently practice Generous Living because of God's Indescribable Gift! 

1 CD Series = $8



Offer runs September 1st- 30th, 2014

Receive a copy of 199 Promises of God  with any donation amount made to Moving Forward

The Bible is packed with promises for everyday life. Dozens of these important reminders are included in 199 Promises of God.

This compact book offers the perfect pick-me-up with God's guarantees in scripture.  As you make your way through a challenging world, find your guidance in the promises of God, who does not lie (Titus 1:2).  You have His Word!