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Series Airs April 7th - April 16th

There’s no doubt that, in today’s society, being a follower of Jesus Christ will radically turn your life “Upside Down.” In this 4-part series, Dr. Stephen Rummage unpacks some of the most controversial statements Jesus ever made and brings them directly into the 21st century. Practical and insightful, this series delivers timeless truths from God’s Word on relationships, sex, honesty and love.

4 CD Series = $20


Series aired Mar 19 – Apr 4, 2014

  God's Top 10

Do God's ancient rules really apply to us today? Is it possible that God meant these for a different time and people? In this 10-part CD series, Dr. Rummage will share scripture, stories and illustrations on why the Ten Commandments are not only valid for today…but absolutely essential for our society to operate in a rational and safe manner.

10 CD Set = $50


Offer runs April 7th - April 16th 2014

Receive a copy of the "Fabric of the Family" DVD Series when you give a gift of any amount to the ministry of Moving Forward.

In this 5-part series, Dr. Rummage shows you how to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of family life with solid biblical counsel and insights on everything from marriage and singleness, to over commitment and financial meltdowns. This series is perfect to use in small group settings, or for your own personal study.