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Series airs September 1st - 8th, 2014


Jesus Christ is the world’s greatest fisherman after the world’s most valuablecatch: the souls of people. God commands followers of Christ to become like their Master by sharing His love and burden for lost men and women, boys and girls and to cast the net of the gospel to every person who needs to know Jesus and receive His gift of eternal life! In this four-part series, Pastor Stephen Rummage teaches that fishing for souls is not a leisurely pastime, but a command of God that is to be obeyed with urgency as you learn to Share Your Faith.



4 CD Set = $20

4 DVD Set = $32



Series Aired August 25th - August 29th

God wants you to live an abundant and fulfilling life yet many of us struggle to rise above the daily grind. In this series, “Life is For Living,” Dr. Rummage unveils God’s plan for living a life full of purpose and satisfaction.  Taken from the book of Colossians, “Life is For Living” provides biblical insight and counsel for viewing your life from a new and dynamic perspective. It reveals how your identity in Christ has the power to effect every decision you make and how you can tap into His wisdom for any situation facing you today.


4 CD Series = $20

4 DVD Series = $32


Offer runs September 1st- 30th 2014

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