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James, written by the half-brother of our Lord, contains only 108 verses in 5 brief chapters, but there is no clearer picture of what the Christian life should look like!   Join Dr. Rummage for his brand new series, James.  

(Air Dates:  January 21 - March 13)

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If life has thrown you a curve ball or you’re struggling to find hope in your circumstances, this five-part series from Dr. Stephen Rummage is just what you need! Taken from the very words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Blessed, Not Stressed addresses common "stressors" in our everyday lives and reveals God’s prescription for turning those stressful areas into opportunities for God’s blessing. You’ll learn how to praise God even in the midst of painful circumstances and discover the source of real satisfaction.

Air Dates:  January 7-20, 2015 

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"Only heaven will reveal how many people have come to Christ as a result of acting on this verse since John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, recorded it in his Gospel. I believe any witness can lead a person to Christ with John 3:16." 

Whether you have just learned this scripture, or you've known it your entire life, experience the joy of God's gift of salvation as Dr. Jerry Vines unpacks the treasure chest of this most beloved verse in the Bible.  Receive your copy of "Whosoever:  Revealing the Riches of John 3:16"  as our gift to you when you donate to Moving Forward in January.