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Series airs August 20th - 22nd, 2014

We experience the greatest blessings of the Christian life when we join other believers in a shared pursuit of God’s heart. God’s heart beats with a love for lost people, a vision for saved people, and a desire that we take Him at His word and act on all of His many promises. In this three part series, Pastor Stephen Rummage will encourage you to unite with the family of believers in a unified pursuit of God and His purposes as we live our lives Together for Jesus.


3 CD Set = $15

3 DVD Set = $24




Series Aired August 13th - August 19th

New life in Christ is not a solitary venture! God calls every believer in Jesus Christ to a relationship not only with Himself, but with His body, the church. Just as the many unique members of our physical bodies are created to operate together as one, so Christians are called to live together in unity as we love one another, encourage one another, worship with one another, and study His Word and grow with one another. In this five-part series from the book of Ephesians, Dr. Stephen Rummage helps us understand that we are stronger, more effective and bring greater glory to God when we Live Life Together!


5 CD Series = $25

5 DVD Series = $40


Offer runs August 1st- 31st 2014

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